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THUG PS2-PC Cross Server

What is THUGSrv?

THUGSrv was originally a project by bi0hacker to make cross-platform online gaming possible on THUG between PS2 and PC. He left the project in early 2010 where we were left with a working server though very limited. It only included freeskate and slap modes and PC users would have to manually enter an IP to join a game. A few months after originally running THUGSrv from this server, CHC made a small update allowing broken Trick Attack and Combo Mombo modes in addition to what was already available. With the newer version new players were generally loaded to Manhattan rather than the map the other players were already on. This was not an issue in the original version.

Use the navigation above to check the status of THUGSrv on this server and info on how to run your own.