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THPS4 Cross Mod

This allows you to join PS2 games from PC using a ported/modded copy of the xbox version of the game. With the use of the LAN tunneling tool included, multi-platform THPS4 is possible.

How to Use

  • Check the Status Page and get the IP of the game you'd like to join.
  • Start the LAN tunneling tool (UPM12.exe) and enter the IP of the game; enter y for THPS4Cross.
  • Set controls/resolution from the Launcher (Start.exe)
  • Launch the game from /game/Skate4Demo.exe (It generally won't run from the launcher.)
  • Choose System Link Play from the main menu and if you did it right you should see the game you wanted in the LAN lobby.
  • If you are the one hosting from PS2 and would like to join from PC you do not need to use UPM, just join.
  • Game modes are pretty much broken, but the default skater may pass time by for you.