Cry When It is Needed

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Cry When It is Needed

Postby Caroline » January 11th, 2013, 1:58 am

The moment when you felt lonely, just have a cry, without anyone else around; the moment when your are tired from work, need a hug, just give yourself a hug, that’s enough; the moment when you were finally unbound from struggling for dream, and fro life, have a rest and relax to dip yourself in a sound sleep, you need care, but from yourself most; the moment when you are sitting aside the window of a bus, felt that you are in endless sorrow that time has flies by and nobody has stayed, have a cry, for the past time, and them cheer yourself up, firmly get rid of the thought that life would be wrong and move on, everything would be OK.
We all do have times in dipping us in mourning the past days and nights, we all do have the cases that found we are alone from the beginning to the end, we all have the emotion that life is meaningless and something restrained should be released and something fun should be found for a less hard lives etc.. Come and go, life would always brings us sorrows, but that is how happiness looks precious, that is how we need to learn how to cry to release those unhappiness and disappointment.
From the grown up, we have learned to cherish the friendship occurred among those who have the same feeling as us, we have learned to find ourselves methods to be strong, we have learned to love those life gifts even made with cheap leather, we have learned to give more care as much as we can while do not expect the pay back! Life is miraculous to let us learn the balance between true and false, gain and lose, beauty and ugliness, innocence and evilness etc., we have gained great passion to face the hardness that would come to our life at random time. Be preparing for those hardships though life is not supposed to be such hard, but all our life is here to cultivate many possibilities as many as possible. We do really should be thankful and appreciated for those people, things, days and nights that give us the courage to be strong, at least pretend to be strong.
Go and learn as much as you can to get roots before branches, language learning for Spanish, Mandarin, Latin, Japanese etc. With your full passion, go and learn Tea and beading as much as you can, knowing of methods of tasting a tea or how to making novel and exquisite jewelry with hypersthenes and opal beads would add some interests for the turning our daily trivial into some meaningful issues.
Be brave, but learn to cry for those have been far away things, when it is needed, just cry to gain the courage for starting a new journey.
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