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THUG PS2-PC Cross Server


THUGSrv pkg
All-in-One Pkg (OpenSpy)

Considering both THPS servers are now using OpenSpy instead of GameSpy here is a rar with both versions of THUGSrv using the OpenSpy master server and lobby.
GameSpy Builds (Old)

v1 Slap Only
The original version includes slap only, but tends to be more stable than the newer version and maps work as they should.

v3 TA,CM
The newer version includes slap and a broken Trick Attack / Combo Mombo, where you only see your score in the end. A very broken graffitti where you see everyone's tags but your own and there are no scores. This version tends to be less stable than the newer version and maps generally need to be reloaded when new players join.

THUGSrv pkg
All-in-One Pkg
This is a rar archive with both versions of THUGSrv.