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surrenderSun May 15,2016 3:27:27amhttps://www.evolvehq.com/recruit/party?token=player:SAbuuy4PHtqXwsy0,partyK9EIL90Cy0SY3vc
surrenderSun May 15,2016 3:27:35amhmm
ZureSun May 15,2016 3:28:10ami don't have it right now, but soon i might, also, the long combo glitch has been fixed and will be issued soon
surrenderSun May 15,2016 3:28:20amsweet
ZureSun May 15,2016 4:03:44ami found out why I can't host, My ports have stopped working, I'll try fixing this and i'll be back on THPS4.
ZureSun May 15,2016 5:08:16pmanyone want to test now? I think I can try disabling my firewall temporarily to see if that's the issue.
sureFri May 20,2016 11:05:00pmyes
sureFri May 20,2016 11:05:15pmanyone in here
ZureSat May 21,2016 12:53:59amDisabling my firewall at best gives me connection refused, So I think my ISP blocked port forwarding, But if you want, I can try as soon as you feel like it.
WayTue June 14,2016 7:17:12amwhen is the thps4 ps2 going to be up
WayTue June 14,2016 7:17:52amserver
LyricalTue June 14,2016 10:24:10pmi found a server here is the ip
BradMon June 27,2016 12:14:46amidk
RobThu August 04,2016 3:39:53amAnyone still play Tony hawk games online on ps2 still?
RobThu August 04,2016 3:41:42amAnyone wanna also meet up for a game on Tony Hawks American wasteland?
BrAlZySat August 06,2016 7:42:55pmI'll just throw it out here for anyone who reads it. I used to have THPS4 on GameCube growing up and now I want to play it online. So I'm ordering it for PS2 and will have it soon, hopefully in the next few days. If anyone is willing to play I'll hop on occasionally and check to see if anyone is playing. I wish this community was more active...
Q-LevyTue August 23,2016 1:33:33pmAnyone here still playin Tony Hawk's Underground 1?

[email protected]

hit me up
krazehWed August 31,2016 6:14:07pmplay thps3
krazehWed August 31,2016 6:49:02pmwhat should i have for secondary dns?
steveSun October 16,2016 11:54:26amwhats the dns for thug1
steveSun October 16,2016 11:54:33ambecause its not working apparently
popeyeSun October 16,2016 12:08:48pmi keep getting dnas errors
MoodSun July 23,2017 1:35:54amMood
Dav23cmSat July 29,2017 12:12:08pm**** openspy they can suck my 9inch cock!!!!!
Useless Dav23Sat September 16,2017 10:25:26amX to Ollie
Useless Dav23Sat September 16,2017 10:28:07amTHUG 1 had the wallplant but THUG 2 had a sticker slap. I can put both into a Stickerslap to Manual to Wallplant combo.
Useless Dav23Sat September 16,2017 10:28:15amWatch this, Stickerslap to Manual to Wallplant!!!
Useless Dav23Sat September 16,2017 10:28:20amNow you try.
CutiiGwadaTue January 16,2018 7:21:30am i play THPS4
MindsEyeSat April 28,2018 11:18:46pmAre you a huge fan of THPS3? If so, please come join our WhatsApp group here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GMv1h7iD0KWJyEXhX9EEEJ (note: requires that you have WhatsApp to continue)
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