THAW Tourney - March 2011

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THAW Tourney - March 2011

Postby Bobz1993 » February 28th, 2011, 1:47 am

I decided I'm going to try this again... and this time I'm not gonna accept people I see online once with no way of finding them after...

As of now this tourney will be the same as the last one, except maybe we can actually finish it this time...

All rounds will be capped by me from obs, as for my own matches I guess I'll have to cap myself until i finish >.> unless theres another person that can do this...

Each round will be played with the following events:
30 second Trick Attack
30 second Graffiti
30 second Combo Mambo (points)
30 tag Pot of Gold
2 minute Trick Attack

Best 3 of 5 matches wins the round...

Being you're being watched the whole time by my great cap card keep the game fair >.>
No panda time hax, no ob bounces or other bounces... also no airshuffle >.> and no other obviously non-legit crap... buttslap/wallshuffle is ok i guess... not too much harm there...

The level for each match/round will be chosen at random and will be in the tournament bracket...

To signup go here and click Signups on the left

I plan to start the 1st round around March 15th... Let's hope it works this time...
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