Facecodes from Snipe's backup...

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Facecodes from Snipe's backup...

Postby Bobz1993 » March 4th, 2010, 1:04 am

Here ya go Rome =o

For anyoneelse this is just a list of facecodes i retrived from snipe's backup... they should all work on my server, and depending on what CHC did with the backup should work on Snipe's server too...

Don't bother asking me what any of them are as i have no idea... (I do know one of them is a scary clown and made my cas look deformed...)

I'm too lazy to type these out so i took a snapshot of the folder... to download them just put in w/e you see before the .img.ps2 and i could really care less if you see what folder its in on my comp so you do what you want with that info...

THUG Facecodes...

THUG2 Facecodes...

THAW Facecodes...
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Postby Rome » March 5th, 2010, 2:49 am

lol i tryed to name them all... this is just for thug! Same codes just with a idea of what they are befor you try to download... =p

Thug Face Codes

1. 4b216f93 = Skater pic

2. 5b39d199 = Green Mario bro's shroom head

3. 5e68ad99 = Red/W evil clown face

4. 6b78a83f = idk...

5. 7a3ea6b3 = The DarkNight joker Face

6. 8bf14c6 = Gey pic of some dude...:/

7. 19e6b916 = B/w slip on..wth

8. 43e0bdf = shitty smily face.

9. 50dcd993 = slice of bread... wtf lol

10. 74a8f87f = Triple H pic... gey!

11. 86ad9606 = Red yellow green glitchy lookin bs

12. 92dcaf10 = SpiderMan 3 Logo

13. 867b5b1 = The DarkNight Brighter

14. 943aeb4e = umm umm Fat dude? lmao

15. 186647b9 = Fat retarded lookin Clown

16. 9305550c = The godfather

17. 79326477 = Wanna be punisher

18. a2de90fa = Homer Simpson

19. a9878d19 = pic of snipes cas lol

20. aa2d877c = UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU!

21. b42a604b = unknown

22. b1766798 = another fat dude!...

23. bb3dbd24 = Some ugly dude.. idk..

24. bf0d3272 = Some chick? ..

25. c7f9adbf = big smily face lol

26. c65bb18 = Sideways DarkNight pic..

27. c1957895 = Some fat kid coverd in toys...

28. cf97b9c5 = Luda Chris...

29. dd2c7e0e = Larg DarkNight Pic

30. de49bc1a = Mr. T

31. e5e92671 = Black dude...

32. edd8971e = Eddie murphy

33. eeef2f03 = The beatles

34. f78fc7c5 = Some dude...
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